Våffeldagen — Are you (syr)up for a fun time on Saturday, March 23rd?

Today, as in centuries past, Swedes make and serve waffles during Our Lady’s Day, March 25. This festival marks nine months until Christmas Day, just as the long winter is breaking into warmer temperatures. Lindsborg holds its Våffeldagen on the Saturday nearest to March 25.

How did waffles get connected with the celebration of Our Lady’s Day? The story goes something like this: the Swedish word vårfrudagen or “Our Lady’s Day,” sounds similar to the Swedish word våffeldagen or “waffle day.” Over time this mispronounciation began to mark a new tradition with waffles, already a favored Swedish treat. Waffle Day also became a tradition across many European countries.

Lindsborg artist Carla Wilson launched Lindsborg Våffeldagen nine years ago by making waffle costumes out of crate bed foam that was spray-painted a golden brown with cotton muslin as whipped cream and colored felt as berries. Wilson invited two friends to wear the costumes with her and wave at passersby from the corner of Main and Lincoln Streets. The net year, one Lindsborg restaurant served hot waffles while the Waffle People roamed. Today Våffeldagen is known statewide for its spring spirit and good eating.

The Waffle People will be roaming downtown to hand out menus and to distribute complimentary waffle cookies, courtesy of Scott’s Hometown Foods, between 7 AM and 2 PM. Indulge in a wide variety of hot Våffeldagen waffles here:

  • “The Waffle Vault” – a Svensk Hyllningsfest pop-up fundraiser sponsored by Rachel’s Pastries and the Kiwanis Club of Lindsborg, serving classic waffles with a toppings bar: 8 AM to 2 PM at First Bank Kansas at 118 N. Main
  • Farley’s Bar and Grill – serving buttermilk waffles with fruit options, bacon waffles, pecan waffles, chocolate chip waffles and side of bacon or sausage: 11 AM to 4 PM at 101 N. Main
  • The While Peacock – sugar coated waffles with strawberries and cream cheese, plus regular menu items and specialty drinks: 8 AM to 2 PM at 124 S. Main
  • Blacksmith Coffee Shop and Roastery – hot waffles with maple whipped cream and bacon strips plus regular menu items and specialty drinks: 6 AM to 1 PM at 122 N. Main
  • Courtyard Bakery – hot waffles with lingonberries with sour cream or with syrup and butter plus regular menu items: 9 AM to 1 PM at 125 N. Main
  • Brickhouse Grill – special waffle fries plus regular grilled specialty menu items: 11 AM to 8 PM at 201 N. Harrison
  • Scott’s Hometown Foods – nacho waffle fries plus regular deli selections and full line of Scandinavian foods: 11 M to 1 PM at 215 N. Harrison
  • Öl Stuga – waffle shots plus regular sandwich selections: 11 AM to 2 PM at 119 S. Main

Våffeldagen is made possible by Pastries by Rachel, Scott’s Hometown Foods, Lindsborg Laundry, First Bank Kansas, Lindsborg Ad Hoc Roundtable, Kiwanis Club of Lindsborg, Svensk Hyllningsfest 2019, The Ivory Thimble, Small World Gallery, Lindsborg Restaurants and Waffle Lovers like you!

Lindsborg Vacation Rentals quoted in the Washington Post!

Christopher Elliott

No, this isn’t a picture of the owner of Lindsborg Vacation Rentals. Maybe if he was younger and had a head full of hair! But where were we?

The owner was quoted in the Washington Post on February 21st. The newspaper’s weekly column by Christopher Elliott was about how some vacation rental owners charge extra for . . . what?? We have a cleaning fee, but are otherwise very transparent.

“The Vacation Rental Show with Matt Landau” — Teaser Video (“Sense of Place” is its former title)

Some call Matt Landau a travel guru. Some call him an advocate for vacation rentals. At Lindsborg Vacation Rentals, we simply call him “Matt.”

Last year, Matt traveled the world, visiting vacation rental owners in their own locales. Bali. Budapest. Lisbon. Rio de Janiero. Montevideo, Uruguay. St. John, US Virgin Islands. Vancouver. Lindsborg, Kansas. Wait…what? It’s true!Every Thursday at 2 pm Eastern time, a new episode will be dropped onto Booking.com’s website The fun starts on February 28th. Hint: Lindsborg’s episode drops April 18th!

Enjoy the teaser!

Lindsborg’s Sesquicentennial Recognized in the Halls of Congress (no, really!)

The Kansas community affectionately known as “Little Sweden” is getting some big recognition. Senators Jerry Moran and Pat Roberts introduced a resolution in the United State Senate celebrating Lindsborg, Kansas on the 150th anniversary of its establishment, commending the people who have made Lindsborg the own full of rich culture it is today and honoring the immigrants of the Varmland province of Sweden for settling in Lindsborg. Lindsborg was established on February 20, 1869.

Representative Roger Marshall of the state’s first Congressional district introduced a companion resolution in the House of Representatives.

“Lindsborg is a town full of rich history, whose residents today still embody the perseverance of its settlers who first made Lindsborg home 150 years ago,” said Senator Moran. “I am always struck by the kindness of Lindsborg residents, and every time I visit, I leave thinking, ‘I could live here.’ I am pleased to help celebrate this exciting milestone in the town’s history and we look forward to what’s still to come.”

“Lindsborg is a true cultural gem on the Kansas prairie,” said Senator Roberts. “Over the last 150 years, the town has both persevered and prospered keeping true to its deep Swedish roots. These traditions will help the town continue to be a wonderful place to call home.”

“It’s my honor to sponsor this resolution that celebrates the 150th Anniversary of a very special town to my family, Lindsborg, Kansas,” said Representative Marshall. “Lindsborg is a bright, vibrant community that honors its past while embracing its future. Growing up in a family with Swedish roots, we still celebrate Swedish traditions today. In fact, every Christmas dinner we have various Swedish dishes, bought from Lindsborg, including pickled herring, anchovies, hardtack crackers and Swedish candies. I greatly value my heritage which is why I am proud to sponsor a resolution supporting Lindsborg, ‘Little Sweden, USA.'”

Thanks to Rocking M Media!

Lindsborg is the “Best in Kansas” times three !

There are plenty of “best of” lists out there. So Lindsborg is elated to be chosen as the best in Kansas on these three lists:

Lindsborg puts the “WOW!” in Luau!

As you know, in Lindsborg you can always expect the unexpected! From the creative thinking of Lindsborg’s downtown merchants and a strong desire for warmer climates, a mash-up of Swedish proportions takes place on Saturday, January 26th from 2 to 5 pm.

Join the fun and you might see Swedish dancers doing the hula, happy luau revelers doing the lutefisk limbo or ukeleles playing as conga lines wind their ways through downtown.

Picture this! A roasted pig, featured in many luaus, combined with a dish of Swedish meatballs and voila! a new and amazing dish called a Swedish Meatball Pig. This concoction will be leading the conga line. Here is the schedule, subject to weather conditions, of course:

  • 2:00 PM – costumes available at The Ivory Thimble or come wearing your favorite luau attire (maybe a Tommy Bahama flowered shirt over fleece?) with lutefisk limbo to follow.
  • 2:30 PM – Swedish Dancer hula lessons at Lucia Park just south of City Hall. Go check out the restaurant and merchants and their island flare displays. Make sure to purchase your ukulele at Trollslända at 135 N. Main St for the play along that starts at….
  • 3:00 PM – play your ukulele at Lucia Park
  • 4:30 PM – conga line with the Swedish Meatball Pig around downtown

(Many thanks to the Lindsborg CVB for letting me copy their copy!)